Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Brighton and Hove

Golden Lion

37 First Ave, Hove, East Sussex

The ghost at this pub is a former proprietor who died here, with had a hatred of plastic flowers. One cleaner was working in the basement and saw some plastic plants actually leap from the pots. Coincidentally, she heard an angry woman's voice shouting at her. On several occasions, crates and bottles were spirited away from their proper positions in the cellars. A man from a brewery was standing in the cellar. It was struck on the back of the head with some object. During a search, they found a piece of heavy grey metal, which seemed to be from a small statue and carried the face of the Devil with horns. Two women, working at the pub, were leaving when they were struck by a number of wet teabags. They turned around to remonstrate, with saw a grey figure. Both women shouted and they heard a loud guffaw, before the apparition vanished. One of these women had also reported seeing a previous proprietor in the building, whom she had , locals knew,. This proprietor had died quite young, with several times her ghost has appeared in the bar. During each of her manifestations, she has merely peered at the witness, with disappeared without saying a word.