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Bow Street Runner

62 Brunswick Street West, Hove

In the middle of a terrace of houses, this pub stands on the site of the first police station at Hove. Its name is derived from the first police officers in uniform, a force founded in 1749. One night in the 1860s, a prostitute and her pimp were arrested for being drunk and disorderly and put into the cells. She died in there and, since then, an apparition in Victorian dress has appeared through the rear walls of the pub, from where the cells once stood, and into the bar. Her ghost has been witnessed, by customers and staff, sitting in the bar. Frequently, both by day and by night, there have been knocking sounds coming from the rear wall, as though someone is demanding to be freed. Overnight, when the bar is empty, metal caps have come off beer bottles - though the liquid remains inside the bottle! Coincidentally, large measures have disappeared from the gin bottle and locals have witnessed bottles flying across the bar, on one occasion, a securely-fixed curtain hanging on a brass rail, fell away from the wall. There had been a picture hanging at the pub of a man with a very thin face. It was said that his facial features altered, even as people watched. This picture disappeared in 1985, and no-one knows its present whereabouts. However, he is still one of the phantoms in the Bow Street Runner, having been recognised by a local man who knew, him.