Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Bracknell Forest

The Jack O Newbury

Terrace Rd N, Binfield, Berkshire

At one time, the name of this pub was the Catherine Wheel, named after the wheel with spikes from the circumference used in medieval torture. Its named now pertains to a character in a 16th century book, which ran to many editions. However, few today have heard of it. Jack o’ Newbury was a legendary figure in Tudor England in a manuscript by Thomas Deloney. A modern critic, writing of this book, said it was popular literature, designed for the less educated. The pub exhibits ghostly manifestations. There is poltergeist type activity with a phantom that pulls on peoples’ hair when they are standing at the bar. In one extraordinarily curious piece of evidence, two glasses, witnesses saw, to move towards the edge of a bar with fall off. The CCTV caught this happening. No one was near the shelf.