Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Bracknell Forest

New Leathern Bottle

Jealotts Hill, Warfield, Berkshire

Over 150 years ago, a dreadful murder took place at this inn. Hannah Carey, the wife of the proprietor, had been conducting an affair with a local man, with her husband discovered her infidelity. Regularly he assaulted her, with on one occasion, jumped up with down on her in a jealous, black rage. She was seriously injured. She died a month later from her injuries. Subsequently, authorities arrested him. They tried and duly hanged him for murder. Now the pair is still in residence with loud with dreadful oaths from him, with weeping sounds from the unfortunate Hannah. Bottles were originally made of leather before glass came into general use. The arms of Horners’ Company sports three leather bottles, which united with the Bottlemakers’ Company in 1475.