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The Wellington Arms Hotel

Stratfield Turgis

It is the oldest pub in Southampton, with parts of the Duke of Wellington have stood for over 700 years. It is set on massive vaults, which survived the Great French Raid of 1338. This was when much of the town was plundered and razed to the ground. At that time, the pub was rebuilt with massive high gables. In 1620, it locals knew it to the Pilgrim Fathers, who stayed at Southampton prior to their voyage to North America. It was then called the Shipwrights’ Arms. During the Second World War, the inn was again severely damaged, with only vigorous campaigns and efforts by pressure groups kept it from complete demolishment by the authorities. Following this, publicans carefully preserved the establishment, including the wattle and daub fragment and a Tudor hearth and medieval timbers were uncovered. For many years, the press gang raided pubs across Southampton for ‘volunteers’ for the Royal Navy. A youth of 18 was caught up in such a raid at the Duke of Wellington, with fought back. He expired, with his unhappy ghost is still in residence. There is also a great deal of paranormal activity with lights flicking on an off for no reason, with inexplicable drops in temperature.