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The Treacle Mine Hotel

Silchester Road, Tadley, Hampshire, Bramley

Treacle mining was the fictitious excavation of molasses as though it were coal. It has been a joke in Britain for almost two centuries. ‘Treacle’ originally meant any kind of thick syrup or salve, with bituminous seep from coal people used in traditional medicine. This could have given rise to the tale in Alice in Wonderland when Alice is rebuked at the Mad Hatter’s tea party, for not believing the story, told by the dormouse about a Treacle Well. When a balloonist, Mr. Blanchard, landed near the village by mistake in 1784, he asked for help and directions. A Tadley villager saw him come from the skies said ‘Oh, Lord Almighty, forgive us, for this is God-forsaken Tadley.’ An old man, farmer or labourer haunts the Treacle Mines Hotel. He wears a smock, pull-down black hat and has occasionally manifested with a dog.