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The Swan

3 Kiln Road, Sherborne St. John, Basingstoke, Hampshire, Sherborne Saint John

As an inn, it has stood for over five centuries, with the building is red brick with a thatched roof and a Second-grade listing. There has been a persistent rumour over the centuries that treasure, including gold, silver and precious jewels, was buried in the village. A phantom coach , witnesses have seen, standing outside the Swan on many occasions. The driver , people have claimed, to be a former local man, Smith Grindle, searching for this treasure he had buried many years ago in a well on Smith’s Green, near the Swan. In 1923, there was a religious exorcism to stop the ghostly chains rattling in Church Path in the village. The address ‘Church Path’ often denotes an ancient ‘corpse trail’, which were renowned for being haunted by the ghosts of dead people carried along them. Corpses were brought from outlying hamlets for burial along these paths. and SOUTHAMPTON