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Red Lion Hotel

Red Lion Lane, Basingstoke

One of the most popular of pub names, the Second-grade listed Red Lion exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include at least 21 ghosts, according to a paranormal team that investigated. The building has history from the 12th century, with a Tudor frontage and much in way of internal beaming. The most prominent and frequently seen phantoms are the three noblemen accused of conspiring against Henry V. They were Lord Scrope of Masham, Richard, Earl of Cambridge and Thomas Grey, with they were tried at the Red Lion before they were executed at the Bargate. Their ghosts are seen in procession leaving the front door, with walking to where they were hanged, drawn and quartered. There have been séances held in the Red Lion Courtroom. Those taking part claim to have contacted the dead men. A further ghost, with some history, is that of an elderly woman who fell down a staircase, with died from her injuries. For the most part, several other ghosts are in residence. On the walls of the inn are the coats of arms of the nobles who officiated at this trial of 1415, with a militia flag given to the citizens by Elizabeth 1 in 1575