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The Crooked Billet

Kingswood, Buckinghamshire

Throughout the country, there is an army of ghosts wandering around pubs as nuns, knights, Grey Ladies, Red Monks, highwaymen, suicides, with many others. However, this inn has a touch of style in its haunting. It is none other than the Fair Rosamund, who was the mistress of Henry 2nd. Either Queen Eleanor murdered her or she died in a nunnery at Godstow, Oxfordshire, in 1176. However, be all that as it might, witnesses saw her at the Crooked Billet in her period dress, surrounded by the odour of wild heather. Legend has it that when the gravedigger buried Rosamund, she held a sprig of heather in her hand. Why she should have made this Crooked Billet her earthly home, is a complete mystery.