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The Bell Hotel

Market Square, Winslow

There are two of the ghosts in residence here. A paranormal investigation team, which visited the Bell Hotel, made contact with a girl who had not passed over since she had not realised she was dead. She has spent many years as a ghost here, waiting to find her family with friends. Another ghost, still halfway, is a man called Marshall, who had his horse repossessed because he could not afford the stabling fees. Marshall was concerned that if his ghost left the pub, his horse would never be able to find him. Two other ghosts in residence are Angelina, a housekeeper, murdered by her lover, Malcolm. He had pushed her down a staircase when she became pregnant. She died from her injuries. During this investigation, the team also contacted a man called Samuels, who had owned the hotel in 1845. Observers saw a number of phantom children have running along corridors.