Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Ashford

The Dering Arms

Station Road, Pluckley, Ashford, Kent

Folks built this imposing inn as a hunting lodge for the Dering family. There is still the ostler’s bell for those arriving by horse. They have their own ghost in residence, an old woman sitting in the bar in Victorian garb. On a recent visit to Pluckley by the Paranormal Society, curious events occurred when the investigators saw and recorded psychic activity at the church and the Dering Arms. An assortment of phantoms manifest around the inn. One is a highwayman, who was pinned to a tree by a sword when his victim refused to stand and deliver. This outlaw still rides along the road near Fright Corner. A gypsy watercress woman was burned to death when her straw bedding in a nearby barn caught fire. Her cries haunt the village still. The sounds of a screaming man who fell into a mixing trough at the local brickworks are also heard on nights of a full moon. There are accounts that a phantom fife and drum band has been witnessed marching through one of the village houses on numerous occasions.