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The Chequers Inn

The Street, Smarden

With history over 500 years, this is where a Napoleonic war veteran , an assailant took this person’s life, whilst on leave from the army. Since that episode, there have been phantoms and apparitions manifesting, with poltergeist activity with cutlery and crockery being deliberately hidden. One witness to an apparition appearing told how she saw a man standing in her bedroom. She said he had a hideous smile, before he dissolved away in front of her. In another report, a woman sleeping alone said she felt a burning touch on her back during the night. When she awoke, she found she had a mark in the shape of a cross on her flesh. The room with a four-poster bed is also the earthly home of the dead soldier. When he returned from war in 1812, he stayed at the Chequers. He was flattered and plied with drink one evening by a young woman from the village. When he retired to bed, she silently stole into his bedroom to rob him. However, he was startled by her presence, with a violent struggle ensued. During that assault, she stabbed him and fled. Sadly, the soldier died from his wounds, with when he manifests he is in part uniform and his night attire.