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Black Horse

The Street, Pluckley, Ashford, Kent

The village , reports claim, as being the most haunted in the country. At one time in village history, there , people said, to be 12 ghosts haunting Pluckley. These included a phantom coach and horses, black dogs, White Ladies, a Red Lady, with a man who screams. When an earlier Lady Dering died, a gravedigger buried her body in three coffins to keep her young and beautiful forever. However, she escaped the coffins, with manifests in the church with a red rose in her hand. The ghost of another, Lady Dering, , witnesses see, wandering looking for a child that she had lost giving birth. Some years ago, a taxi driver reported picking up a fare at the side of the road in Pluckley. However, when he turned around to ask the passenger for his destination, the man had disappeared. At the Black Horse, there are reports of articles being spirited away on a regular basis, only to be replaced in much the same position later. The proprietor of the Walnut Tree, Aldington, said that a woman he knew was working at the Black Horse, who put down her handbag and cardigan in the same place every day. On one occasion, they went missing, and, two years later to the day, there was a thunderous knocking at the back door. When one of the kitchen staff opened the door, there was no one to be seen. Shortly afterwards, the cardigan and bag , people found, where they had been left previously. The poltergeist in residence is a woman called Jessie Brooks who expired in the skittle alley. She is also seen wandering, searching for a child she had lost, according to the legend.