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The Black Rabbit

Offham, South Stoke, Arundel, West Sussex

The only pub in England with this name, it was once involved in smuggling. It is believed in some parts of Sussex that by saying "Rabbit, rabbit" on the first day of the New Year will bring good luck. The ghost at the Black Rabbit is an Edwardian dandy in blazer and straw boater who asks, “I say, what is the time please?’’, before dissolving away. Navvies and bargees working on the local canals used this pub. It is 200 years old. First proprietor was John Olliver, in 1804 and the pub stayed in the family for 70 years. At one time, there were croquet lawns and an archery pitch here. It was a fashionable meeting place for Edwardians. The old boathouses are now the restaurant. At nearby Arundel Castle, there are four ghosts: a white bird, a Stuart period dandy, a boy, and a girl.