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The Windmill Inn

180 Old Shoreham Rd, Southwick, Brighton, East Sussex

At one time, this was a farmhouse and a windmill stood nearby, so when the pub opened in the late 1820s, Its name was the Windmill. For the most part, the ghostly hauntings that take place are of the poltergeist variety. It also usually coincides with the arrival of a new licensee, so it may be the wicked spirit of a previous one. During the latter part of the 19th century, the cellars were used as a mortuary for persons found dead or murdered. It is commonplace to find such pubs are haunted by ghosts from that period. Apart from the customary throwing around of items, including glasses and ashtrays, this poltergeist, on one occasion, trashed the bedroom of a new proprietor; one curious event took place in 1997, on Red Nose Day in aid of charity. A record was being played on the jukebox when it abruptly stopped. Seconds later, it restarted, replaced by a piece by the Enigma group that was not in the repertoire. They checked the machine, record by record. However, that particular recording could not be found.