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The Cricketers

18 The Green, Southwick, Brighton, East Sussex

This is probably the oldest pub in Brighton, built in 1545. Originally, Its name was the Last and Fish Cart when a ‘last’ was 10,000 fish. Over the years, there have been several ghostly occurrences. One man reputed to haunt the Cricketers was suspected of being Jack the Ripper. He was Roslyn D’Onston Stephenson, a surgeon and journalist living in Brighton, with a regular resident at the Cricketers. There is evidence he was at the London Hospital, 150 yards from where the first murder was committed, that of Mary Ann Nichols. His ghost was identified in the early 1900s by a manager, who recognised him from a photograph. One manager reported beer barrels being rolled about in the night. However, when she investigated, nothing was out of place. Bottles and glasses have levitated from shelves, with several times footsteps , reporters have heard, on stairs when no one was about. Another manager told of an eerie experience when he went around after closing time, blowing out all the table candles. Several minutes later, he returned to the restaurant to find them all alight again. Many times a male phantom, wearing a long, black overcoat, a wide-brimmed, black hat and very pale features, has been ascending the staircase. A woman customer, who went to the women’s lavatory in the dark, felt two hands grip her around the head and stroke her forehead.