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Dryburgh Abbey Hotel

St Boswells, Melrose

Dryburgh Abbey Hotel is a baronial stately hostelry, situated by the remains of Dryburgh Abbey on the banks of the River Tweed. The building goes back to 1845. Builders initially developed it as a home for Lady Griselle Baillie. The Scottish Motor Traction Company purchased it 1929 and changed over it into a lodging in 1932. Reports assert that chanting monks haunt the remnants of Dryburgh Abbey alongside the lodging. The Grey Lady haunts the hostelry itself. Witnesses claim that the apparition is that of a young woman from the sixteenth century, who inhabited the old house before the Dryburgh Abbey Hotel. Nearby legend says she fell head over heels in love with a monk. Tragically, his associates found out about their relationship. The church hanged the poor monk for his transgressions. This event emotionally crushed the young woman. Without further ado thereafter, she submitted suicide by hopping into the River Tweed from a nearby bridge.