Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in South Tyneside

The Wheatsheaf

St. Nicholas Road, West Boldon, East Boldon, Tyne and Wear

A visiting medium held a conversation here with the ghost of Jessica Ann Hargreaves, who had died in the most dreadful of circumstances. This medium said that the young girl had been raped and murdered in 1908, with her body been concealed in the Wheatsheaf. Prior to that visit, members of staff at the pub had experienced classic poltergeist activity, with in one incident found a child's handprint on a fruit jelly. This was despite the fact there were no children on the premises at the time. During a paranormal investigation, it , witnesses report, that the inn exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include the ghosts of a young girl and her murderer, with several confirmed sightings. The voice that gave such detail was from the ghost of six- year-old Jessica Ann Hargreaves. The medium claimed that in all, the premises had 37 ghostly spirits in residence. About eight were children, with one was Jessica's murderer, Joseph Lawrence. Jessica was a local girl, with her father, Billy, killed Joseph Lawrence in revenge. Members of employees have reported poltergeist activity, with chairs and utensils airborne around bars and kitchen.