Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in South Tyneside

The Steamboat

27 Mill Dam, South Shields, Tyne and Wear

An old seadog, who was a customer at the Steamboat, told tales of his times in foreign climes, with became angry when he was not believed. One night, full of beer and cross with someone in the pub, he lurched towards the cellar trap door. This was open, with he crashed forward and down the steps breaking his neck. The old sea dog was brought up. However, he died minutes afterwards. Several days later, the ghost of the boastful sailor started appearing in the street outside the Steamboat. Then this phantom manifested inside the pub on many occasions. A woman customer saw the ghost of this old man in his seafaring clothes, with asked him if he were going to a fancy dress party. After giving her a baleful glare, he disappeared. Although some maintain it is the ghost of the tale-telling clumsy seaman, others say it is the ghost of Tyne Pilot Captain, George Milton. In 1854, the building was divided into four parts one of which was occupied by this officer. Captain Milton and his sister , people found, brutally murdered in their home although no one was ever arrested. Nearby there had been a street called Coronation Street. There were stories of ghostly anglers and a grey woman seen to float down as ghosts from that road at dawn. Very recently, a local superstore stands on that site, with over 200 skeletons from the plague period were discovered and moved elsewhere.