Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in South Tyneside

The Look Out

178 Fort Street, South Shields, Tyne and Wear

During the period of countrywide smuggling into England, many public houses were involved. They connived at the efforts of the smugglers to outwit the Revenue authorities, with many of them had special places near the pub roof where they could watch for any approach. This Look-Out is an early Victorian pub from the late 1840s. Licensees have reported strange matters occurring over the years. This pub certainly has a poltergeist. Jukeboxes and lights turn off without human assistance, with there are sounds of heavy knocking on the outside of one window. Often there are strange odours in pub, alien to their business, such as that of wild flowers. A local man, who took on the task of repainting the interior of the pub during the night, felt he was being watched. Then he could see several ghostly figures through a frosted glass window, walking along a corridor. Another ghost haunts the cellars. There are reports to be that of a former proprietor who fell down stone steps into the cellar and died. This dreadful event took place in the early 1900s.