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Marsden Grotto

Coast Road , Marsden, South Shields, Tyne and Wear

When this was investigated by a team of psychic researchers, they maintained this was the most haunted pub in England. They found at least seven ghosts while using electro-magnetic instruments. One of these apparitions is the ghost of a smuggler who tried to inform the authorities of what his co-criminals were planning. His erstwhile comrades bricked him away in an oubliette, where he starved to death. Built into the cliffs this curious building dates from the 18th century and is rife with tales of smugglers and ghosts. A previous proprietor of the Marsden Grotto left out a full tankard of ale each night after closing time. In the morning, all the beer had gone. Local DJ and TV presenter, Alan Robson, drank from that tankard during one of his live Metro Radio shows. This set off a series of supernatural phenomena that eventually forced the then proprietor to leave suddenly. This poltergeist activity included flying ashtrays smashing against walls and flooding in the cellar after all the beer taps were inexplicably turned on.