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The Olde Ship Hotel

9 Main Street, Seahouses, Northumberland

It is low beamed with scrubbed wooden floors from pine ship decking, a wide variety of nautical artefacts, model fishing boats and a replica of Seahouses lifeboat the Grace Darling, figure heads, diving helmets, pulling oars, fish baskets, branding irons and lamps. It exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include the ghosts of Grace Darling. He is a long dead angler, in a wester and rubber cape. Grace Darling is one of the most famous of women of the Victorian period. She became a national hero after helping her father, a lighthouse man, save nine people from a stricken steamer, the Forfarshire, during the nineteenth century. She has also frequently , witnesses saw, as a ghost, walking with a meaningful tread around the engine room on the lighthouse.