Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Northumberland

Lord Crewe Arms Blanchland

The Square, Blanchland

Lord Crewe bought this four hundred years old pub from a Jacobite sympathizer, Thomas Foster. When Foster was imprisoned for his political activities in 1715, his sister, Dorothy, contrived to rescue him from prison to escape abroad. She was the niece of the Bishop of Durham, with had support and help from some highly influential people. Eventually, after a series of adventures, political conspiracies and doubtless, bribery, she rescued her brother. Now her spirit still haunts the pub with footsteps, cold chills and touches from ghostly hands. Over the years, it , reports claim, that an upper room exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include the ghost of Tom Forster himself. The ghost of a monk in a white cassock , witnesses have seen, with heard, rearranging possessions and furniture in the Radcliffe Room. The pub is in the grounds of the 12th century Blanchland Abbey. The huge fireplace at the Lord Crewe people used for smoking and curing meat. The old cloisters of the abbey are now contained within the gardens of the inn. Killed by a gang of bandits in medieval times, the ghosts of dead monks of this abbey can frequently be observed drifting as black cloaked wraiths. The slow tolling and phantom pealing of the long gone abbey bell accompanies them.