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The Tynemouth Lodge Hotel

Tynemouth Road, North Shields, Tyne and Wear

Although it now presents as a late Victorian inn with a faux marble frontage, the Tynemouth Lodge Hotel has history from 1799. In the next building was the local House of Correction. This was a type of establishment built after the passing of the Elizabethan Poor Law (1601). It housed those ‘unwilling to work’, with this included vagrants, beggars, with prostitutes. Each incarceration was decided by magistrates, with one, at Bow Street, London, sent three youths to such a house for singing in the streets. Circuit judges stayed at this hotel and sat on local cases, the more serious being despatched to Morpeth where they could be sentenced to death. The Correction House is one of just a few left standing in England, with given a Second-grade protection listed in 1999. The Tynemouth Lodge Hotel exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include an exotic phantom, no less than one of those judges. When he has manifested in a bedroom on the second floor, he is seated at a table with full-bottomed wig and a black cloak. In keeping with time in which it was originally built, it exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include a woman in Georgian style dress in a mobcap or bonnet. Her ghost is chasing two other phantoms, little girls, probably her children as they , listeners hear, singing and giggling.