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Bridge Hotel

Castle Garth, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, Newcastle upon Tyne

It is an absolute gift and a treat to come across a pub with two ghosts, separated by over 1,500 years. At one time, the land on which the Bridge Hotel dates from was a Roman fortress. A legionnaire from that period has been witnessed standing in the garden, by a well- , locals knew, medium and other individual. At one time, a local psychic society met here, with maintained one of the function rooms was haunted by a man in a dark suit who also appears behind the counter in the bar. After the Romans left England, this site people used as a Saxon burial ground. This may account for other dark and misty phantoms that make frequent appearances here. The Bridge Hotel is in the shadow of the High Level Bridge, built for the York, Newcastle and Berwick Railway, with opened in 1849. Over the years, there have been a number of suicides from that bridge. This prompted the Samaritans to display a contact notice at each end of the bridge, which are still posted. Shadows and black figures have been observed within the Bridge Hotel and reputed to be apparitions from those who died from that terrible fall.