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Oak Tree Inn

Front Street, Tantobie

A very old inn that has had the original façade covered over with red brick, with noted locally for being much haunted. There are some strange noises and chills at different times of day and night. Often seen is the ghost of a man sitting in the bar drinking. However, he disappears when addressed. A somewhat malevolent spirit is one that persists in locking men in the lavatory. There is legend of an old ‘corpse road’ running north of Tantobie to Stanley, which was a traditional route to carry the dead to burial grounds. Bodies were conveyed along defined corpse roads to avoid their spirits returning to haunt the living. It was a widespread custom, for example, that the feet of the corpse be kept pointing away from the family home on its journey to the cemetery. Other ritualistic means of preventing the return of the dead person ensured that the route the corpse was carried to burial would take it over bridges, stiles, stepping- stones or running water, which spirits could not cross. This corpse road exhibits ghostly manifestations. These include several men, who lost their way whilst carrying bodies to their final resting place. These unfortunate men froze to death in the mid-1700s. Their bodies recovered when the deep snowdrifts cleared.