Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in County Durham

Daleside Arms

Front St, Croxdale, Durham, County Durham

Ghosts are seen fighting, even to the extent of one killing the other. This legend, however, takes a curious turn. It is a roadside fight between a ghost in black and an ordinary mortal dressed as a ghost. Perhaps it would be as well to explain. Many years ago, several farmers were having a heavy drinking session. He ran out of whisky. They sent one of the younger ones to collect more bottles at Croxdale. They decided to play a trick on him on his way back. One farmer put on a bed sheet, with hid in the hedge waiting for the young man to return. At this point, he leapt out with the intention of terrifying him. The victim ran as fast as possible to the inn and told his tale. Then he added, ‘The white ghost was bad enough. However, the black ghost was even worse.’ He said that the black ghost had fought the other man. There was lots of screaming. As a group, they went to the scene of encounter. There they discovered a torn, blood stained shirt, and ripped bed-sheet. There was no sign of their friend. He was never seen again.