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The Warrington Hotel

93 Warrington Crescent, Westminster, London

One of the most opulent inns of London, The Warrington Hotel at Westminster, was a brothel when owned by the Church of England in the late 1800s. Constructed in 1859 and refurbished in 1900, it has the most outstanding pub architectural features. The smaller bar is of elegant stucco with small, etched glass windows. Marie Lloyd, a music hall star, used this bar when quaffing champagne with admirers and is said to haunt the place still. One of her empty champagne glasses still adorns a mantelpiece in the lounge bar. Early in the 1900s, a champion jockey rode his winning horse up over the steps into a bar where he celebrated with champagne. Even now listeners hear the ghostly sound of a whinnying horse and cheering voices from within this bar.