Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Tower Hamlets

Town of Ramsgate

62 Wapping High Street, Greater London, Tower Hamlets

For over four centuries, the anglers of Ramsgate brought their stock to this area for sale. Now the Town of Ramsgate is a Grade 2nd listed building originally from the 17th century. Press Gangs ‘recruited’ drunks and imprisoned them in the cellars of pub, prior to them taking up their new career in the Navy. The Wapping Old Stairs, beside the pub leads down to the River Thames. These steps are haunted by Judge Jeffreys. Jeffreys locals knew it as the Hanging Judge. His apparition , witnesses have seen, by River Police patrolling the Thames and reported on many occasions. In 1758, the pub locals knew it as the Prince of Denmark and with history from 1543. There is legend of criminals such as piracy or other offences at sea being hanged at nearby Execution Dock. With considered brutality, hanging was frequently carried out with a shortened rope. This meant a slow death from strangulation. Pirates at Execution Dock were not immediately cut down following death. Customarily, these corpses were left hanging on the nooses until at least three tides had washed over their heads. Many of those who died there are still present as ghosts on the foreshore and in the Town of Ramsgate. Since 1789, when the Marine Police were installed at Wapping, with later the River Police, there have been detailed reports of apparitions manifesting when the River Thames is at low tide.