Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Tower Hamlets

The Salmon and Ball

502 Bethnal Green Road, London, Tower Hamlets

With a history from 1733, folk formerly called the pub something else. "Salmon’ and 'Ball' was added when a local mercer used it for business conferences. There was widespread textile industry in the area, with the reference was balls of silk. In the Cutters' Disturbances of 1769, local silk weavers went on strike for better conditions, with slashed silk from the looms. Police and other authorities quelled the unrested, with to seized the ringleaders. In the pitched battle that followed, the authorities killed three individuals and arrested two others. Post short trial, they were convicted of riotous assembly and behaviour. Authorities later hanged the couple outside the Salmon and Ball. They were John Doyle and John Valline who torture this pub yet. Numerous individuals who report they wore 18th century-style-working clothes have witnessed their ghosts. They hear while shouting protests with strong Irish accents.