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The Market Porter

9 Stoney Street, Southwark, South Bank, Central London, Greater London

One of the oldest pubs in Southwark, it has been on this site since 1638, with one of the few still open in the morning for market porters. They have an up-market ghost, who stands at the bar, demanding cigars in a loud voice. However, when the employees turn around, he has gone. Regularly, they have problems with the place settings in the restaurant, with cutlery is rearranged or spirited away. The proprietor has found the till ringing up cash amounts after it had been emptied. On another occasion, late night, he had switched off the glass washing machine. The following morning he found it had been restarted of its own volition, with water was flooding the pub. People walking past this pub after closing time; have reported seeing ghostly figures standing at the bar. They are scarcely visible through the windows. From what they have gleaned, through the little light there is, they are wearing Victorian style suits.