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The Britannia

5 Brewers Lane, Richmond, Greater London

In one of the delightful lanes of Richmond is the Britannia, which people called after the Duchess of Richmond. She had modelled for the iconic medal of Britannia, ordered by Charles 2nd. Frequently there have been dreadful cries and moans heard from an upper floor. These are from a servant girl, who died many years ago in suspicious circumstances. Other individuals have reported seeing the girl in a bar wearing a sackcloth apron and mobcap on her head. A mobcap, or mopcap, was a round, gathered or pleated cloth bonnet. It consisted of a caul to cover the hair, with a frilled or ruffled brim. It was worn by married women in the Georgian period. By the Victorian period, mobcaps lingered on as the head covering of servants and nurses, with smaller style caps, remained part of these uniforms into the early 20th century.