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130, Richmond Ham House to Twickenham Marble Hill Park, Richmond, London

It is a hostelry on Richmond Hill with a history from 1730. There is a renowned perspective of the curve in the River Thames down over the slanting glades. It is home to the phantom of a medium stature man, five feet eight inches tall, who initially showed up in 1972. He first shows up as a white fog and afterward turns into a robust structure. He strolls over a space to vanish close to a window. He is then seen going towards the way that prompts the River Thames. There have likewise been reports of falling temperatures as he meanders in the predawn. One of the first reports originated from two cops possessing this room. They reported a mainstay of fog that got to be robust and moved towards the window. This window opened quickly to permit the phantom out. Comparative reports have originated from different tenants of the room and staff since that time.