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Fox and Goose

Ham Street, Ham, Richmond upon Thames

It is a roadside inn, the Fox and Goose probably started life as a cider house selling through the window on holidays and market days. A ghostly apparition lurks in the beer cellar, with no dog will go anywhere near it. Those who have seen the apparition have described it as a tall person in a black religious habit or gown, which then vanishes through a wall. Ham House is nearby, with the gates have been closed and locked since James 2nd for loyal reasons. That house exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include the Duchess of Lauderdale. When she died, her silver-topped ebony stick was left in her withdrawing room. Reports claim it to be this restless stick that people hear tapping throughout the house. On one occasion, the ghost of an evil harridan , witnesses saw, by a child staying there. This woman was scrabbling at the wall. A search was made, with a cavity exposed where papers had been concealed. These documents proved that Elizabeth, Countess of Dysart, as she then was, had murdered her husband in that room in order to marry the Duke of Lauderdale.