Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Redbridge

The Cauliflower

553 High Road, Ilford, Essex

It is a most grandiose building from the late Victorian period, with external wall illustrations of music hall shows. Events that took place here. For the most part, the haunting at this inn, named after local 19th century market gardens, takes place in the cellars. A spiritualist medium, Florence Thompson contacted the ghost, identifying it as a girl named Kathy. This girl, with her friends, had been hiding from the authorities when Kathy drowned in a sluice. Although she has only, witnesses saw, a few times since her tragic death, on one occasion it had a dramatic outcome. A party dining here all saw Kathy in one of the restaurants. Her hair was ringing wet. Her clothes drenched in water and mud. She was waving frantically at them. The father, Ben Hart, said that this appeared to be a dreadful omen. That was in 1912, with two weeks later, the Hart family sailed on the Titanic.