Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in London City

The Rising Sun

38 Cloth Fair, Smithfield, London, London City

This pub as derelict for much of the twentieth century until it was bought by the Samuel Smith brewery in 1984 and renovated. During the nineteenth century it was frequented by grave robbers, who plied their illegal trade supplying fresh corpses to the anatomists at nearby St. Bartholomew's Hospital. However, it is not the ghost of a lost soul searching for his stolen body that haunts the pub, but a spirit with more earthly concerns. In 1989, two Brazilian barmaids who lived in private quarters above the pub complained that they were sometimes woken up by a ghost sitting on the end of their beds and slowly pulling the bedclothes off of them. On another occasion the landlady was taking a shower, when she heard someone open and close the bathroom door and then pull back the shower curtain. She then felt an icy hand run down her back, but when she spun around to see who it was, there was nobody there. Footsteps have been heard running across the floorboards of the upstairs bar late at night after closing time when the building has been empty apart from the people tidying up downstairs.