Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Islington

The Sutton Arms

6 Carthusian St, Clerkenwell, London, Greater London, Islington

Just off the old meat market of Smithfield, the Sutton Arms is home to a previous proprietor who could not bear to leave the place. His ghost , witnesses describe, as elderly, with dressed in old-fashioned suiting. However, with a huge grin upon his face. Despite the fact that he is elderly, with should have grey hair, observers describe him as having red hair. He has been witnessed nonchalantly sitting in a corner of the pub staring at the customers who have been unaware of his ghost. On one notable occasion, he suddenly appeared between two girls enjoying a lunchtime drink. Having shaken them rigid, he beamed happily upon them, with then promptly disappeared. In October 1997, a friend of the then proprietor, who was staying in one of upstairs rooms, was looking into a mirror, combing her hair. A cold shiver suddenly passed over her and she then saw the reflection of a red haired man, standing behind her smiling. She spun around quickly to shout at the intruder. However, was astonished to find no person there. In Smithfield Mark itself, a ghostly figure in black regularly appears, dancing over meat stalls. Butchers and stallholders have lashed out with knives and meat choppers. However, all to no avail.