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The Weir

24 Market Pl, Brentford, Greater London

A fine example of late Victorian pub with faux marble it was until recently the White Horse, The Weir has history over four centuries. A number of Protestants, perhaps seven, were burned at the stake in July 1558. There is some evidence this took place on ground where Brentford Magistrates;’ court now stands or in the Georgian area now called the Butts. This was part of the Marian Persecutions carried out in the reign of the Roman Catholic Queen Mary against Protestants and Dissenters for their beliefs. These seven are reputed to haunt the Weir and the top floor of the courthouse. It was told by the court caretaker, who lived in a top floor flat, about these appearances and manifestations. He said that regularly all six appeared sometimes as a group and occasionally as single figures. They were dressed in mid-17th century dress and all were small men, none more than five and half feet tall. This account mirrors reports over the years from the White Horse and now the Weir of the ghosts on the top floor of the pub.