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The Bell

2 Staines Road, Hounslow, Middlesex, Greater London

Hounslow Heath was one of the most notorious places for travellers and coach parties to be held up and robbed in past centuries. During the period of public hanging, there were rows of gibbets along the main road, holding the bodies of executed highwaymen. These corpses were exposed on crudely made wooden structures to discourage others of the same mind. Up to the late 17th century, live gibbeting was practised, when condemned men were suspended in metal cages, with left to die of thirst. Whole families and friends travelled by coach from London in the 17th and 18th centuries to view that gruesome spectacle. For several years, the authorities exhibited the corpses of hanged men outside the Bell Inn. One of those whose body was displayed outside the Bell Inn pub has been in ghostly residence since. Numerous witnesses have been confronted by this phantom. Frequently, barrels of beer that have been locked in the cellar have been smashed open, although no one had been near them. One bar cellarman told of a dreadful experience when he came face to face with the image of a head and shoulders, with a rope around its neck.