Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Haringey

The Gatehouse

1 North Road, Highgate, Greater London, Haringey

Constructed as a hotel around 1306, this was initially a stop or resting spot for drovers bringing steers and sheep into the capital. There is a sham organizer incorporated with a divider at the Gatehouse, from which Reports claim it Dick Turpin got away from his followers on a few events. The Gatehouse displays spooky indications. These incorporate Martha, or Mother Marnes, a previous proprietor who, an aggressor took this current individual's life, for her cash. The authorities never apprehended The men who ransacked and murdered her. Witnesses most frequently see her in the most established part of the inn. She appears alongside her feline. She wears a dark dress and a trim hood. Nevertheless, there is one inquisitive peculiarity: she never seems when there are kids or creatures staying here. Some individuals have likewise seen a white haired individual, reflected in the mirrors, wearing maritime attire and gazing at them. Witnesses report that he was a runner, who, an aggressor took this current individual's life, whilst leading business in north London. These have been industrious records since the eighteenth century.