Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Enfield

The Hop Poles

320 Baker St, Enfield, Middlesex, Greater London

There has been a pub on the corner of Lancaster Road and Baker Street since at least 1838, although the original cottage was far older than this date and was a private residence before becoming a pub. The third and present building to stand on this site was opened in 1909. As reported in a local newspaper in the 1990’s, The Hop Poles has a poltergeist that causes objects to move by themselves on the bar and in the cellar. It has been suggested that these phenomena are caused by the ghost of an old potboy who was killed in a road accident outside the pub, although I have been told that the potboy story may have been invented by a former landlord. However, the potboy is not the only ghost to haunt the Hop Poles for a little girl has been seen by members of staff in the private quarters above the pub. Could she be the reason why a succession of barmaids who had rooms above the pub soon chose to live elsewhere?