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Crown and Horseshoes

12-15 Horseshoe Lane, Enfield, Middlesex, London, Greater London

In the mid nineteen-seventies the Crown & Horseshoes hit the local newspaper headlines after a customer had seen an elderly lady walk past one of the windows. The pub was empty and the customer was waiting outside for the landlord to arrive when he saw her. When the landlord did arrive shortly after, both he and the customer searched the entire building but found no one. According to the newspaper article, the cellar seems to have been an area of particular relevance to this haunting as the door to the cellar was heard to slam at all hours of the day and night and the landlord’s pet dog and cat would refuse to go anywhere near it. She was also credited with randomly ringing the bar bell. The activity seemed to have died down in recent years, but then in 2013 the new landlord was interviewed by another local newspaper after he had seen the old woman standing by the bar shortly after locking up the pub after closing time.