Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Barnet

The Red Lion

31 High Street, High Barnet

The apparition stories encompassing the Red Lion pub are somewhat chilling. An 18-year-old young girl stayed in the pub in the late eighteenth Century. The inquisitive young girl was snooping around the room. When she opened the closet, a carcass fell on top of her. The past guest had passed on the prior night, yet the staff had not tried to dispose of her body. Furthermore in the 1980s, barmaid Sue Perry grumbled she heard extremely peculiar commotions amidst the night. Later, she saw a waif-like animal descend the stairs, experience the bar and out of the front entryway. The chief concurred that illogical things were going on, and he brought in a medium, Jack Lezner. He and his wife, the appropriately named Zena, figured out the kitchen servant, an 18-year-old young girl called Maggie Entwistle, kicked the bucket there in 1766. At the point when Maggie, a metal forger's little girl, caught two visitors making obscene remarks about her, she went upstairs and listened in outside their room. They got her in the demonstration and pursued her down the hallway. Reports do not specify whether she merely fell. However, she kicked the bucket tumbling down the stairs. Apparitions frequent the premises in the wake of biting the dust in terrible circumstances, said Mr Baker, yet an expulsion can help give a tormented soul peace. After Mr Lezner performed the custom, Maggie has never rematerialized. Mr Baker let us know of an alternate lasting Barnet apparition known as the Gray Lady. When she was alive, she relinquished her kid at the Guyscliffe Girls' Home, adjacent to the Avenue Pub. Sightings of her on Barnet High Street dependably assert that she is gripping an infant. In one occurrence, a driver knocked into the apparition. He felt an uproarious knock, yet when he got out the auto there was nobody there. Even now shaking, he went to report it at the close-by police headquarters. Obviously, the officers thought he was envisioning things and needed to quiet him down.