Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in West Lindsey

Sun Inn

Bridge St, Saxilby, Lincoln, Lincolnshire

A local man, Tom Otter, rowed with his wife and killed her and their newly born baby with a hedge stake in the house where they lived at Saxby. Authorities arrested him at the Sun Inn when a constable found bloodstains on his clothing. The dead woman’s body was taken to the Sun Inn for an inquest. Later, after a trial, he the authorities executed at Lincoln Gaol, with the body taken back to hang on a gibbet outside the Sun Inn. As the corpse was being hauled up, the crossbar broke and pitched Otter into the team of men. The hedge stake, with which he had killed his wife and child, was kept at the pub for many years. Several times this stake disappeared, after a mysterious and ghostly man , witnesses saw, walking through the bar. Later the stake someone found back at the scene of the murder. Various methods were employed to ensure the stake did not wander; this included strapping it down, with iron shackles. However, all to no avail. It was eventually exorcised and burnt at Lincoln Cathedral.