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The Worlds End

Main Street, Ecton

The pub lies on the site of a former prison that had been used to house soldiers captured at the Battle of Naseby in 1645, during the English Civil War. Many of those prisoners died from their war wounds or ill treatment and the cellar was employed as the mortuary. The Worlds End exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include several ghosts, including a nun wearing a black habit and her skull showing below her wimple. Ecton is a place of pilgrimage for many North Americans, whose ancestors lived here for over 300 years, several generations of them being the village blacksmiths. This smithy was on a site where now stands the Three Horseshoes Inn, Ecton. There are headstones for ancestors of the American president, Benjamin Franklin, in the village churchyard. Inside the church is a bronze plaque, provided by a group of American visitors in 1910, which has a quotation from one of Franklin’s speeches.