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Henry's of Hannington

Kettering Road, Hannington, Northamptonshire

It was constructed 1824. It was a farm house until 1849. It was called The Green Man when it was a public house. It has changed its name many times throughout the years, yet it has locally been known as the Old Red House. In the 1980s, it was known as the Oasis. It was last known as Henry's of Hannington. The past proprietor, Mr Green, did not run it as hostelry. He left the building vacant. Hoodlums got in and stripped it of its resources. It was sold again in 2012 to a building designer, who has arranged for its demolition. There are reports of an old woman watching out of the centre window. Another report tells of soldiers strolling towards the Hannington town. There are apparition of horses and audible hooves. In 1880s and 1890s, gossip has it that a man named George, in the wake of losing a wager, took his own life. He hanged himself on the centre floor of the building. Numerous individuals say the basement is spooky. The vast majority won't go down there. A pregnant lady went over the bar looking for help in conveying her infant in 1855. Shockingly, both mother and child did not survive. A few individuals have heard the sound of a child crying from in the building. There is a condemnation connected with this building. An old proprietor once should have said, "This building will remain mine for the duration of my life and passing; anybody that tries to change it or harm it in any case will die". A customer attempted to smash windows soon met his troublesome passing one week after. He was pulverized by a stallion.