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The George Hotel of Stamford

71 St Martins, Stamford

The most sinister reminder of summary justice is built outside the George Hotel, a set of gallows, which extend across the street. There is history that the hotel has been in existence for over 1,000 years. Historians have described it as ‘A very ancient hostelry’ once belonging to the Abbots of Crowland’. In 1189, Richard 1 gave the abbots a charger confirming their possession of the Hospital of St John and St Thomas, the House of the Holy Sepulchre and the George Inn. ‘While many old inns proudly boast a sinister and blood-stained past, The George has always retained a grave respectability in keeping with its religious past. In its entire history, there has been only one murder on the premises, with that arose when political feelings were running high.’ This report appears in their published hotel history. Frequently, the face of a phantom woman appears on the old oak panelling. So, who is she? Some have maintained the George is also haunted by Daniel Lambert, born 1770 and died in 1809 weighing over 52 stones. If this is true, he would be the most difficult to avoid recognition.