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Abbey Hotel

21 East St, Peterborough, Crowland

Almost two centuries ago, a local farmer made a bet in this pub he could walk 1,000 miles in the same number of hours. Henry Girdlestone returned to the pub, some 49 days later, having covered 1,025 miles. Since then, there have been reports of very tired feet dragging up and down the stairs of the hostelry. Reports say it is old Henry still walking. There are also reports of a woman in a black dress and a white apron, of early 1900s style, seen in one of the bars. A timber bridge dates from the 10th century. It was replaced four centuries later by a stone one. This was where agricultural workers gathered to be hired. It exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include a young woman who died of exposure in a severe winter many years ago, while waiting to be offered employment.