Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Rushcliffe

Manvers Arms

The Cross, Cotgrave

Every now and again, a phantom makes his presence very obviously in the bar. He is wearing a cloak or blanket around his shoulders, with has a happy smile on his face as he drinks from a stone beer or cider mug. No one knows who he is. During the Napoleonic Wars, this was the local headquarters of the White’s Dragoons. A soldier from that troop expired in a pub brawl at the Manvers Arms, with his ghost is still in residence. He is recognised by his riding breeches, high leather boots and burnished helmet. The building has been a temporary mortuary in the past, with individuals have felt cold hands touching their faces as they work in the bar. Beer barrels have been moved around in the cellars without human help. Employees have complained that phantoms have reared up when they have tried rearranging the barrels.