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Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem

1 Brewhouse Yard, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

Hewn into the rock face with the castle above, this is another claimant to be the oldest inn in the country. Painted on the outside is the inscription, 1189 and people have claimed, to date from the time of one crusade to the Holy Land. This pub is home to spectral voices and other phantom sounds. A model galleon, thick with dust, hangs from the ceiling. Reports say it is cursed. Anyone who touches it dies within twelve months. There are caves and passageways behind the pub that have become world famous. Behind the pub cellar is Mortimer’s Hole, named after a man who the authorities executed, with still haunts the caves and the bars. Nottingham was an Anglo-Saxon settlement , locals knew, as Snotingham, Old English for the hamlet of Snot’s People. The reason it became ‘Nottingham’ was because the Normans could not pronounce SN, with the S was dropped.